Zimpli Kids Products Review

So, I haven’t written anything on here in quite a while, thanks to autistic inertia and autistic burnout, mixed in with a whole lotta LIFE(which I think my next posts will be about!) I’ve pretty well just been focusing on my Facebook page BUT, that’s all going to change now(hopefully!), as I received an inquiry from an awesome company called Zimpli Kids to do a product review, and it has given me just the kick in the pants that I’ve needed to get going again. 😉

Zimpli Kids is a UK-based company that specializes in sensory play products. Their flagship products are Slime Baff and Gelli Baff, which transform ordinary water into a thick slime and goo, respectively. They both provide for really unique textures.

Also included in their line, is Gelli Play which also turns your water into a unique goo. In searching through the Zimpli Kids site, I found that these products are among what appears to be 50+ sensory-based products, and they are soooo not just for kids! I had a ton of fun and found the products to be quite relaxing.

To quote the Zimpli Kids representative who contacted me, “Sensory play is becoming a key part of playtime and our products are perfect for it! Our Gelli and Slime range offers an exciting, multi-sensory experience for children. Our products aid creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Due to their unique textures, colours and scents, they are perfect products for sensory play!”


We were given the opportunity to try out the Gelli Baff(in Lagoon Blue), Gelli Play,(in Lava Blast Red) and Slime Baff(in Gunky Green), in exchange for an honest review. Each of the products arrived in the form of a powder and magically transformed once the water was added to them. They are all environmentally safe, made in the UK, non-toxic, and gentle on skin. I’m super sensitive to a lot of products that come into contact with my skin, and after multiple times of playing in these products, I had no issues whatsoever. The customer service and shipping were out of this world. I was shocked at how quickly the products arrived to us in the midwestern U.S. from the UK and they were packaged really well.

B and I both had very different experiences with the products. The Gelli Baff and Slime Baff, I believe, are primarily meant to be used in a bathtub, but we decided to use all three products in plastic tubs that we already had in the house. This allowed us to put lids on them and use them multiple times over. The Gelli Baff did come with some extra powder/dissolver. to be used when draining out the bathtub, for ease of cleaning. Since we didn’t use the Gelli Baff in the bathtub, we honestly didn’t use this product. However, we did get some of the Gelli Baff on the floor, and it was super easy to clean up. Though, the packaging states that if you get any on the floor, you should wipe it up immediately.  Both the Gelli Play and the Slime Baff are easily diluted with water enough to drain back into your sink without issue.

Gelli Baff 
Gelli Slime  
Gelli Play 


My favorite of the three products was the Slime Baff, while B’s was the Gelli Baff. I LOVED how the slime stretched and squished. It was perfectly thick and slimy, and those were precisely the reasons that B didn’t care for it as much. Though, his least favorite was the Gelli Play. He didn’t care for the “wet” feel that it provided, and he said that it smelled differently than the other two. I personally thought that the Gelli Play was almost like a warm snow-cone if that makes sense. It had a similar wetness but obviously wasn’t icy. Each of the products had a slight smell, and while I had kind of wished that they didn’t(I don’t care for a ton of smells) I understand that this may have been a sensory choice that the company made and I didn’t mind it much. I thought that they smelled kind of fruity, while B thought that they smelled more flowery. The packaging says that the added scent is strawberry. The smell was really very minute though…B loved how fluffy and almost cloud-like the Gelli Baff was. It was kind of like a more dry version of the Gelli Play, and not as chunky. Those were the reasons that I actually didn’t care for the Gelli Baff as much. Needless to say, we’re apparently texture opposites when it comes to these products! Ha. Though, out of all three products, there wasn’t one that we just wouldn’t play with at all.

Overall, we really enjoyed these products, and we’re excited to try more of them out in the future! We both got something that we really enjoyed out of the products, even if we enjoyed them differently. We definitely recommend checking them out for yourself!

If you want to check out the Zimpli Kids line for yourself, you can do so here.

Their YouTube channel can be found here if you want to see more of the products in action.

Some more pictures of our fun:








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